Valid until 31/12/2021


In response to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) we have implemented a complete cleaning and disinfection protocol for each and every property with the advise of CEHAT (Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Touristic Appartment).


Cleaning and Maintenance Staff:

The cleaning and maintenance staff is equipped with PPE (personal protective equipment) which consists of disposable gloves and masks.

They wash their hands before and after each disinfecting procedure. They also disinfect their mobile devices.

Once cleaning is completed, and before leaving, they disinfect all door knobs and handles.

The maintenance staff is not allowed in the property during a guest's stay, unless it is absolutely necessary and in case of an emergency and always informing first the tenant.


Disinfecting Products:

The cleaning staff uses disinfectant agents against the coronavirus and that are certified by entities such as the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), or EPA following their recommendations to ensure effectiveness against the virus. Some of the products are: Sodium hypochlorite in a concentration of 1/1000, 25 c.c. of bleach in one litre of water, 62-71% ethanol or 0.5% hydrogen peroxide concentrations.


High-touch Surfaces:

High-touch surfaces and those where the virus can remain longer are methodically disinfected with the recommended products. These are: Light switches, Plugs, Switches for lamps and fans, Handles and knobs, Controls for electrical and electronic equipment, Temperature controls, Hangers, Remote controls, Keys.


Floors and Bathrooms:

Floors and bathrooms are also disinfected with approved anti-virus products, as well as other items such as hair dryers and cleaning supplies.



As a preventive measure, all dishes and kitchen utensils, even if they have not been used, are washed at a minimum temperature of 65ºC with products.

Electrical appliances such as coffee makers, toasters, microwaves, refrigerator interiors, etc. will also be disinfected with the recommended products.


Textiles, sofas and upholstery:

After a check out all sets of sheets and towels, even the unused ones, are put in new. They have previously been washed at a minimum temperature of 60 degrees in complete wash cycles.

Upholstery and sofas are sprayed with a textile disinfectant such as Sanytol (Biphenyl-2-ol: 0.4%, Ethanol: 30.6%).